Christeyns logoCustomer: Christeyns nv, Ghent, Belgium

Year: 2018

Christeyns was founded in 1946. Since then, it has grown into a major player on the global chemical market.

From the small soap factory it once was, our group has grown into a stable international partner in 3 different fields of expertise:

  • Hygiene chemicals – marketed under the brand name Christeyns
  • Engineered chemicals : Ghent (B) – based sister company Govi offers emulsions, dispersions, calcium stearate, fatty acid esters and soaps in all its different forms to a variety of industries. Check out the Govi website for more information.
  • Construction chemicals : Bradford (UK) – based sister company Oscrete develops & markets a wide range of concrete, mortar and cement admixtures for the construction industry. Check out the Oscrete website for more information.

For their “Food processing & retail” department, Oxidaan prepared an in-depth training on Water Treatment, custom-made for one of their clients. The training included:

  • Introduction
  • Different water sources
  • Water quality parameters
  • Water quality guidelines
  • Water treatment options
  • Discussion

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